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Welcome to my website!

My name is Jessica Tyler, and I am a self taught lost wax method sculptor.  

As a child, I often traveled to Santa Fe with my family.  It was then, wandering in and out of galleries, that I first fell in love with sculpture. The sleek lines and feel of the bronze sculptures captured my imagination.

A couple of years ago I got to a point in my life which presented me with the opportunity to try my own hand at it.

Through trial and error I worked and re-worked my first sculpture, until I cast it in the summer of 2016.  Since then I have been creating new sculptures, expanding my body of work.

My studio, the Stone House Studio, is located in the center of my organic vegetable and flower farm.  There I am surrounded by the natural beauty of the land, and am constantly inspired by wildlife and the subtle changing beauty of the farm.

Most of my sculptures are portrayals of the personalities I imagine in the animals that I encounter in every day life on the farm.  My equestrian sculptures are symbolic of emotions that I felt during and after significant events in my life.

I hope you enjoy my website!